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Trade Bitcoin for Real Gold with London-Based Netagio Exchange

Trade Bitcoin for Real Gold with London-Based Netagio Exchange

Customers of Netagio exchange can now directly trade bitcoins for gold bars and vice versa.Reuters
It’s a case of out with the new, and in with the old as London-based bitcoin exchange Netagio allows you trade bitcoin for real gold, which it stores in a secure vault in the Swiss mountains.

Netagio, which opened in December 2013, has announced that it will now offer customers the chance to trade in real gold bars along with sterling, US dollars and euro.

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Bitcoin is seen by some as a realistic alternative to gold in terms of long-term investment, and was even called Gold 2.0 by the Winklevoss Twins who are made major investments in the cryptocurrency.

Netagio, which stores most of its customers bitcoins in offline ‘cold’ wallets, says the gold its customers buy will be just as secure.

Customers who turn bitcoins into physical 100g gold bars are assured that those bars will be insured and stored in a maximum-security vault in “one of the world’s most secure storage facilities in the mountains of Switzerland.”


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