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Inside New York’s Bitcoin Centre

Inside New York’s Bitcoin Centre

BTC Center NY

New York is a city that continues to capture the world’s imagination. It has long symbolized wealth, the heart of the American economy, and a land of freedom and limitless economic opportunity to immigrants everywhere.

For all the storied history of New York, a single trait has made much of it possible: its long standing position as the financial capital of the world.

The financial district in Manhattan is home to many historic landmarks and institutions. Buildings, some over a hundred years old, are home to the world’s oldest and largest banking institutions. In particular, Broad Street is home to the likes of JP Morgan and the New York Stock Exchange, which has been a barometer of America’s economic health for almost 200 years.

A stone’s throw from Wall Street with its neo-classical facade, the NYSE may be the ideal vestige of the old American hegemony; the exemplification of the powerful financial status quo. But just 100 feet down the road at 40 Broad Street is a newcomer, an upstart – a David surrounded by Goliaths.

Something for everyone

BTC Center NYC

The Bitcoin Center NYC is a sparse, modern space, and is, as befits its purpose, missing the dramatic stone columns and ornate decor of many of the street’s other buildings. But what it lacks in exterior detail it more than makes up for in openness and excitement.

It is the preeminent bitcoin location in the area, and currently hosts countless classes, talks, and a trading floor on Mondays and Saturdays.

On my visit, it became apparent the Bitcoin Center offers something for everyone, whether new to bitcoin or an experienced veteran. Perhaps what is most important about what the Bitcoin Center has to offer, though, is the atmosphere.

The individuals working at the Center, and those just dropping by, perfectly capture the feel of the cryptocurrency community, and what makes the bitcoin movement so fun to be a part of. All are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, but above all, contagiously enthusiastic.

These people will tell you all you need to know about the Center, and the greater bitcoin movement.


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