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E87 – The Captive and The Mountain

E87 – The Captive and The Mountain


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Shownotes for Let’s Talk Bitcoin Episode 87 – The Captive and the Mountain

Segment 1 – Brooklyn Captive with Charlie SchremAndreas M. AntonopoulosStephanie e87Murphy andAdam B. Levine – RECORDED 2/20/2014

Highlights Include:

  • Charges & The Story
  • The Foundation
  • MT GOX
  • The Advice He Wishes He’d Had

Segment 2 – The Venerable MT GOX with Charlie SchremDavid Perry and Adam B. Levine – RECORDED 2/24/2014
Late Night analysis of the MTGOX Crisis Strategy Brief

Brooklyn Captive was produced by Adam B. Levine and edited by Denise Levine with Stephanie Murphy, Andreas M. Antonopoulos Adam B. Levine and Charlie Schrem

The Inestimable MT Gox was produced by Adam B. Levine, edited by Denise Levine with Charlie Schrem Adam B. Levine and David Perry

Music was provided by Jared Rubens ( and General Fuzz(
General Support Addresses:
Bitcoin: 1LTBShowv5nZ2fgZ4hWU7ieeDRNKSAxtov
Litecoin: LZxkcspyUj3LnMjukTzcSSPkDvLu1uudZp

Questions or comments? Email – Have a good one.

By Adam B. Levine

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