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Part Two – Bitcoin in Toronto

Part Two – Bitcoin in Toronto

I Have Bitcoins Toronto 2Click here for Part 1 Toronto is called the ‘Silicon Valley of the North’, and for good reason. Industry pioneering products are being announced or launched here almost every month. The city with its relatively few business barriers has seen a huge inflow of creative talent and entrepreneurial spirit. CoinKite, a Toronto based company has done wonders to iron out the difficulties of accepting Bitcoin in brick and mortar stores. It supports a multitude of cryptocurrencies and it’s system feels just like atraditional credit card set-up. It plans to provide private key storage in hardware modules to Bitcoin companies soon. Toronto basedKryptokit has eased online shopping to a snap. KryptoKit, downloadable as a Chrome browser extension, allows easy wallet access and payment features. As frictionless as it gets, it gives Bitcoin a good name! Toronto entrant Bionym has come out with a wristband that senses the wearer’s unique heartbeat and stores the ECG signatures to authenticate the wearer. When the user removes the device, the product resets thus offering no value to anyone who might steal it or break into it. Innovations are happening everyday and at the individual level too. Toronto programmer Vitalik Buterin, all of 20, has come up with Ethereum, a cryptocurrency that goes beyond Bitcoin to support self executing contracts outside the legal system. Superman isn’t the only young Torontonian hero who scaled heights! Businesses are rapidly picking up on the Bitcoin talk.


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