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Mastercoin: the one to rule them all — Preliminary Review

Mastercoin: the one to rule them all — Preliminary Review

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Author’s Note:  Are you the type to proclaim TL:DR to stuff?  If YES, this article explains the pros of Mastercoin, the new layer on top of bitcoin that can revolutionize, speculating, merchant business, and the world of finance overall.

You can among other things, place bets, create derivatives, track real-time measured events, issue stock, pay dividends on said stock, and sell things directly using the Master-coin protocol with no other required infrastructure.  Thanks for your time.


Now for those of you who are like…OOOOHHHH tell me more:

In case you haven’t heard of this new higher layer protocol let me give you a quick breakdown:

Mastercoin is NOT an ALT-COIN!  (There is a mastercoin alt-coin but it has NOTHING to do with what I am writing about today)

Mastercoin is, as I stated above, a supplemental open-source layer that sits on top of the bitcoin block-chain.  It utilizes the bitcoin block-chain to store transaction data and can utilize fresh bitcoin public addresses to store Mastercoins (going forward, Acronym: MSC)


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