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The Bitcoin Bubble?

The Bitcoin Bubble?

Intraday Chart of VIX since August 20

Well, if you bought it half a day ago, you were down 50% at one point. But if you bought it 10 days ago, you’ve still doubled your money. You could have even bought Arian Foster’s Fantex stock when issued and made money! Well … not really, as Fantex tabled the offering.

So if anyone asks you where the volatility has gone, now you can give an answer. Remember those pathetic broad-market ranges I discussed yesterday? Well, the realized volatility in Bitcoin is something like 500.

I did this graph on log scale because … who wouldn’t want to smooth out a 10-day chart? I added volume, hence the gigantic lines that run all the way from the bottom through the price charts.

Which brings up an obvious observation. The price-weighted volume at the peak a few hours ago was 18 times the price-weighted volume all of 10 days ago. As with every bubble known to man, the publicity and the interest spiked at exactly the worst time. A lot of somebodies got in at a terrible time and most likely a lot of them got right back out.


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