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The Age of Bitcoin Why Bitcoin Will Be Huge By Marcelina Hardy

The Age of Bitcoin Why Bitcoin Will Be Huge By Marcelina Hardy

Bitcoin has made quite a mark in the investment industry, and it’s here to stay. As volatile as it has been – with lows of $70 per unit in July and rises from $140 to $266 in August 2013 – investors cannot get enough of this virtual currency.

It’s growing so popular that ATMs are being planned. In fact, the first Bitcoin ATM has already arrived in Vancouver. Bitcoin has attracted the attention of people all over the world. The U.K., Germany, and many other countries are embracing the new form of payment and exchange.

casascius bitcoin sidebarOn top of this, the currency is starting to stabilize. It’s been steadily above $100 for a few months, maintaining a price above $200 lately.

Is it the difficulty of mining new Bitcoins that makes people want them? Is it because it’s the first time something like this has gained such widespread attention? Or is the fact that it is not controlled by central banks or governments and can’t be tracked?

It’s likely a combination of all three. But what’s certain is that Bitcoin is going to make some people a lot of money.


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