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Bookies offer odds on Bitcoin ATM in the UK

Bookies offer odds on Bitcoin ATM in the UK


DESPITE its somewhat dodgy reputation due to its connections with the seedy underside of the internet, there is no question that Bitcoin, the Esperanto of money, is gaining traction as a digital currency.

After the first Bitcoin automated teller machine (ATM) launched this week in Vancouver, Canada, odds are now being offered on when the first Bitcoin ATM or ‘cash machine’ will appear in London.

Bookmaker Paddy Power has offered odds of 3/2 that the UK will have a permanent Bitcoin cash machine by the end of the year, and 4/7 that we will have one by the end of 2014. This makes for interesting technology news, but it’s a bit rubbish for anyone hoping to make a fast buck.

However, the Bitcoin revolution has seen a few success stories of the fast buck variety. Earlier in the year, a Canadian man put his house up for sale for £261,000 in Bitcoins, as he needed them for “projects”. At the time, Bitcoins were worth around the £37 mark. Today, they’re nearer £125, meaning his 


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