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Moneero Turns the World’s 6.8

Moneero Turns the World’s 6.8

Montevideo, UY / Memphis, TN, US (PRWEB) October 28, 2013


Earth’s 7.1 billion people have 6.8 billion active cell phones. Almost everyone in the world has SMS text-messaging technology, making mobile phones the most popular device ever in history.

South American startup Moneero plans to transform the SMS network into the first truly global payment system by using Bitcoin, a payment technology created in 2009 with virtually no transfer fees. Moneero’s inclusive ecosystem, available in the coming months, also works with the world’s 1.5 billion social media accounts and Moneero’s Bitcoin-specific ATMs.

Phone to phone Bitcoin payments

Moneero’s SMS texting service lets its users enjoy instant and nearly costless transactions to and from any mobile phone number worldwide. The service is compatible with smart phones and old-fashioned mobile phones. Most cellphones are being operated in rural areas outside urban environments and rarely have access to high speed internet. The majority of 6.8 billion phones are not smartphones and are


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