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Your Gateway To The Next Global Currency

Your Gateway To The Next Global Currency


facebook integrated presentation system to market 

your business virally, simply, and in the process, 

grow a massive target specific email list!

Why People Choose Bitmaster?


Instant Payments

Bitcoin payments arrive at the speed of an email

(just a few seconds) and are confirmed within the hour. 

No more waiting three business days for your money to 



July 12th 2013 

Keiser Report: Bitcoin Bubble Buzz has been added to the play list.

June 6th 2013 

Bitmaster online registration starts 25, June in English and Japanese.

June 3rd 2013 

Bitmaster home page has launched.

June 8th 2013

CEO Chris Filiatrault Japan pre open tour. ■ 22nd, June Tokyo Shinagawa Goos Hotel 15:00 ~ ■ 28th, June Shinagawa Goos Hotel 15:00~


Time is money

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