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Silk Road hitman story to become a feature film from the author of ‘Shutter Island’

Silk Road hitman story to become a feature film from the author of ‘Shutter Island’

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Earlier this month Ross Ulbricht, the owner of the online black market Silk Road, was charged with hiring a hitman to knock off one of his employees — and the story may be coming to a theater near you. Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment have hired Dennis Lehane, the novelist behind Shutter Island, to adapt aWired article by Joshua Davis about the story for the big screen. The twist is that theWired article hasn’t actually been published yet.

Along with serving as the author of the source material, Davis will also be a producer on the project alongside Joshua Bearman, his partner in the long-form venture Epic MagazineAnnounced this past AugustEpic is aimed specifically at long-form journalism that’s particularly well-suited to film adaptations. It’s certainly an arena the duo have experience in; Davis’ story on John McAfee is being turned into a film by Warner Bros., while one of Bearman’s articles served as the foundation for Argo. While Lehane is best known for his novels — he wrote Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone — he also has experience in television, having written episodes of Boardwalk Empire and The Wire.


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