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Top up Your Mobile Phone with Bitcoin

Top up Your Mobile Phone with Bitcoin

Recharge Your Mobile and Cell Phone in 100+ Countries With Bitcoin: Spend-a-Bit Launches Public Beta

Spend-a-bit Screenshot has been available for public beta since the end of September 2013; providing prepaid mobile recharging for Bitcoin in 100+ countries worldwide. The innovative Bitcoin service enables mobile phone credit to be recharged with Bitcoin with over 300 network providers around the world. It is very easy to use; a customer enters their mobile number into the form and the service automatically detects the user’s country and mobile operator. The service then displays the available payment options, including prices in USD and the amount of credit users will receive in their local currency.

During the beta period recharges may take up to 8 hours to complete, with every transaction being manually checked before processing. When the beta phase is over the balance will be transferred after 3 to 6 confirmations have occurred in the Bitcoin blockchain (in 20-60 minutes).

Merchants that accept Bitcoin as payment for their products and services will always be the drivers of the Bitcoin economy. However, due to bureaucratic inertia and legal, IT and logistical barriers some institutions will most likely not start accepting Bitcoin payments in the near future – including mobile operators, public services and government organizations. These logistical barriers to entry for large organizations to accept Bitcoin is a problem Spend-a-bit is working to solve; accepting Bitcoin payments on behalf of telecommunications providers worldwide. The Spend-a-bit team has plans to add many other ways Bitcoiners can spend their Bitcoin worldwide in the future.

The Spend-a-bit public beta is an important milestone for the development team which has been fully immersed in the project for the past few months. Spend-a-bit is a start up which is not funded by any venture capital or parent company, and the team is reaching out for help from the wider Bitcoin community. The page lists ideas for the future growth and development of Spend-a-bit; anyone worldwide who wishes to contribute can get involved. The team has a clear roadmap for the future and offers the possibility for anyone worldwide to vote for new features and providers.

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Name: Umbrel



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